Get to know me!

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my website! My name's Alyssa Maria and I'm a singer/actor/dancer (...mover) interested in performing in film, television, and theatre. I am currently studying BFA Acting and BA English at the University of Michigan, where I have met the best friends, collaborators, and teachers. In addition to performing, I'm a big book nerd who loves to write her own poems, personal essays, and screenplays. One of my major goals professionally is to use my work as an artist toward activism and social change, which I most recently explored through working with the Prison Creative Arts Project. When I'm not performing or working, I'm traveling, finding new restaurants, and hiking with my dogs!

Nora 5_edited.jpg


Alyssa was most recently seen as Nora 3/Christine 2 in Nora: A Doll's House (directed by Malcolm Tulip) and as Ana in The Clean House (directed by Maggie Shea), both at the University of Michigan. She can currently be seen as Mallory in the short film Darlings, directed by Mitchell Salley.

Coming up...

Over the next couple of months she will be co-writing, co-executive producing, and acting in a short film tentatively titled "Mockumentary: BFA 2023".

Alyssa will be graduating from the University of Michigan in the Spring of 2023. After that, she will be moving either to Los Angeles or New York City to continue a career in the performing arts.