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My time spent both in front of and behind the camera has offered me a diverse range of knowledge which allows me to bring a unique and advantageous point of view to each of my projects. On the business side, I've also had the fortune of working a range of roles, from casting and live event producing, to my current role as a Talent Agent.


My primary goal as I grow both into myself as an individual and professional is to continue learning. I crave challenge and seek out experiences which force me to think on my fit, develop new skills, and overcome obstacles. If you're looking for a teammate in chaos, reach out!


Download my production resume here.

University of Michigan Athletes Connected: Anika Dy's Story

Producer & Production Manager

August/September 2023

Skills: Remote Producing, Location Scouting, Script Development, Communicating Client Needs, Shotlist Oversight, Scheduling, Call Sheets, Securing Locations, Talent Liaison, On-Set Management

This project was one of my favorites! I'm incredibly honored to be trusted with sharing Anika's inspiring story. In this role, I oversaw all prep and production work for Athletes Connected: securing locations, filming agreements, scheduling, script development/breakdown and communication between the client and team. It was one of my first experiences acting solely as both Executive Producer and Production Manager, which came with many learning experiences, zoom meetings, emails, and amazing opportunities for growth.


Keep an eye out for the final video. in 2024 - it's going to be an amazing one!

Stills: Austin Mital-Skiff

"Unlocking The Disney Treasure"

Production Assistant

July 2023

Skills: Problem Solving, Headset Communication, Crew & Cast Check In/Out, Craft Services Setup

In this role I had the magical opportunity to work for Little Cinema in partnership with the Walt Disney Company. I learned the logistics of a professional set, assisted in organization, reported to the 1st AD and Production Managers, as well as attending to the needs of Disney Corporate. If you watch close, you may even see a familiar face on screen!

Yogger Explainer Video

Producer & Production Manager

Summer 2023

Skills: Call Sheets, Client Communication, Multi-Set Management, Low-Budget, Extras and Model Casting, Time Management

Stills: Austin Mital-Skiff

Executive produce all video production shoots for startup company's explainer video and b-roll/social content. Oversee two simultaneous sets at three different locations within a tight time crunch. Hiring and communication with Videographer and Director, as well as Extra and Model casting. Scout and secure locations. Check talent in/out and attend to all on-site needs.

Video coming soon!

DP: Austin Mital-Skiff | CD: Shaun Samtani

Becoming BFA 

Executive Producer, Writer, & Actor

May 2022 - April 2023

Skills: Grantwriting, Screenwriting, Scheduling, Freelance Hiring, Casting, Fundraising, Event Planning

Co-lead a team of writers, crew members, and talent through 5 months of pre-production and 4 months of production with Creator and Executive Producer Andrew Otchere. Spearheaded a fundraising campaign which resulted in nearly $20,000 within 5 months. This role was incredibly demanding; requiring oversight and coordination of large teams, organizing contradicting schedules, hiring crew, and liaising between departments to secure both locations and filming approvals. Additionally assisted in post-production feedback and festival submission. 

DP: Austin Mital-Skiff | Director: Andrew Otchere & Vaughn Melbourne

Stills: Austin Mital-Skiff & Mitch Rowland | BTS Shots: Rita Vega

Multiverse Media: Season 1

Co-Producer | Writer's Room


Skills: Contract Approval, Document Writing, Writer's Room

Assisted Executive Producer Sophia Sherman in development logistics for inaugural season of the web series. My primary role functionally was overseeing the writer's room through recruitment, applications, development, and production.

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